A beautiful luxury kitchen can be completely ruined if your countertops end up covered with piles of clutter or unsightly kitchen accessories.

These smart and easy kitchen organization ideas help you make the most of your space.

Even in a small kitchen, you can have plenty of space for everything you need when you use your space intentionally.

Discover the best in clever kitchen storage features to organize each cabinet and keep those countertops decluttered once and for all.

1. Pot Rack – Pots and pans can be difficult to store in a drawer and take up a lot of cupboard space. A pot rack makes good use of otherwise neglected vertical space. You can install a pot rack over the island, or near the stove and keep all your pots and pans within arm’s reach.

A pot rack is one of the most convenient kitchen features for obtaining more space in the cooking area.

2. Stemware Rack – Steal a hack from the bartender and keep your stemware stored in an under-cabinet rack. This not only looks beautiful but is safer for your stemware and showcases beautiful wine glasses.

A stemware rack is a great option for storing wine glasses.

3. Trash Bin Pullout – Let’s be honest, nobody wants to put their trash on display. A trash bin pull out is definitely a must-have. This allows you to tuck your trash away in a cupboard and keep the mess behind closed doors.

A trash bin pullout is a must among kitchen features.

4. Blind Corner Pull-Outs – This is a relatively new addition to the cabinetry industry, but blind corner pull-outs are a necessity in nearly every kitchen. Corner cabinets are either a waste of space or very difficult to access. This feature allows you to make full use of corner cabinets and maintain easy access.

Blind corner pull-outs are a necessity are quite convenient for storing larger pots and pans.

5. Vertical Pullout with Peg Board – A vertical base cabinet pullout with stainless steel pegboard allows for unlimited storage options. Anything that can be hung can be stored here. Think pots and pans, baking accessories, cleaning tools, or pretty much anything you can imagine.

A vertical base cabinet pullout with stainless steel pegboard is one of the most practical kitchen features for storage.

6. Pantry Pull-Outs & Swing-Outs – No pantry? No problem. You can create a pantry with very little space. Tall slide outs or swing-out doors maximize any pantry space and give you easy access to all the essentials.

Pantry pull-Outs and swing-outs are great when you do not have an actual pantry.

7. Trim/Filler Pull Out – This makes great use of any “filler” or extra space in between cabinets. What would otherwise be simply covered up with a decorative trim can now be useful storage. This sliding unit can be as small as 3-inches wide and store small items like mugs, spices, or canned goods. This is one accessory that cannot be added later, it must be installed alongside your cabinets while remodeling your kitchen.

A trim/ filler pull out needs to be installed alongside with your cabinets.

8. Drawer Inserts – Drawer inserts can be added into any drawer to make the most of your space. Any time you add a drawer insert; be sure it is customized to fill the entire space without leaving any gaps.

Drawer inserts are mandatory kitchen features for organizing your cutlery.

9. Charging Drawer – Every kitchen in the 21st century needs to have a charging drawer somewhere. This allows you to store unsightly cords and keep all of your electronics in one central location, so it is one of the most essential kitchen features.

Charging drawers are great solutions for hiding multiple cables.

10. Mixer Lift – These heavy-duty shelves are designed to hold a baking mixer without requiring you to lift it out of the cupboard and onto the counter. Instead, a spring mechanical lift holds the mixer at cabinet height and allows you to work without the heavy lifting.

Heavy-duty shelves are designed to hold a baking mixer without requiring you to lift it out of the cupboard.

11. Tray and Baking Sheet Storage Cabinets – Large sheet trays, cutting boards and cooling racks are tricky to store. An organized tray divider allows you to transform a regular open cabinet into the perfect storage solution to store these awkward items.

Tray and baking sheet storage cabinets are excellent kitchen features for storing tricky items.

12. Roll-out Trays – A base cabinet roll-out tray is a simple but powerful storage accessory that can make any cabinet more useful. No longer do you have to get on your knees or stand on your head to see what’s in the cupboard.

Roll-out trays make cabinets more useful and functional.

13. Wall Door Spice Rack – Don’t forget about the inside of your cabinet doors. This is untapped space that can be transformed into usable storage. Wall door spice racks hold everything you need without taking up valuable cupboard space.

Wall door spice racks are great kitchen features for storing small containers.

14. Knife Block Drawer – Knives are frequently stored in a knife block on the kitchen counter. This is a practical solution but isn’t necessarily a beautiful kitchen accessory. Instead, keep your knives organized, safe, and easy to access without taking up valuable counter space.

Knife block drawers are a practical solution for sharp objects in the cooking area.

15. Two-Tier Drawer – Double the storage, double the fun with two-tier drawer dividers. With a top tray that glides independently to provide access to the bottom tray, you can now stack and double storage in every drawer in the kitchen.

Two-tier drawers are kitchen features that give your extra space.

16. Multi-Storage Drawer – In many Louisville kitchen remodels, deep drawers have replaced standard base cabinets. A multi-storage drawer is a deep drawer with intentional dividers to create multi-functional and efficient storage and organization for pantry items, pots and pans, containers, and more.

A multi-storage drawer gives you the chance to organize different items in the same drawer.

17. Cooktop Base Roll Out – The space underneath your cooktop is typically wasted space. A roll-out option creates a shallow drawer with this space and provides storage options for your most commonly used cooktop tools.

A cooktop base roll out can be placed right under your cooker.

18. Beverage Bar – A beverage bar could take shape as a wine bar, coffee bar, or even a soda bar in your kitchen. You can display, store, and prepare your favorite drinks in a designated beverage area.

A beverage bar is one of the fanciest kitchen features for your space.

19. Island Shelves – Make use of every square inch of your island space by combining traditional base cabinets with open shelves in the island. This can double as additional storage as well as a decorative element to show-off your cookbook collection.

Island shelves are convenient kitchen features for bigger organization space.

20. Boot Bench – A boot bench is one of the kitchen features that can give you a great place to kick off your shoes at the end of the day. This is a practical solution you can add to your kitchen to keep the floor clean and provide somewhere to keep your shoes organized and out of the way.

A boot bench is one of the kitchen features that can give you a great place to kick off your shoes at the end of the day.

21. Tilt Out Tray – Tilt out trays are a great solution in areas where there is not enough space for a full drawer, like under a sink. The tilt out provides storage for sponges, scouring pads, rags, and other tools to keep them out of sight.

A tit out tray is perfect for storing sponges and other cleaning tools.

22. Utensil Drawer – Instead of keeping your utensil in a crock, or thrown together in a junk drawer, try the best of both worlds. A utensil drawer is a deep-set drawer with built in crocks that allow you to store utensils upright while clearing up counterspace.

A utensil drawer will create exceptional space for all your cooking utensils.

23. Undersink Drawer – The under-the-sink cabinet can seem like a bottomless pit that’s impossible to organize. This option creates a pull-out under the sink so you can access your cleaning supplies easier.

A undersink drawer will allow you to access your cleaning supplies more easily.

24. Appliance Garage – An appliance garage is essentially a hidden cabinet that allows you to keep everything you need nearby without cluttering up the countertop. A small garage area holds a blender, toaster, and mixer ready to use while also out of sight.

An appliance garage is a great way to keep your small appliances hidden.

25. Rolling Cabinet/Cart – This powerhouse is both a counter and additional storage. It can be rolled away when it’s not needed, moved into any room of the house, and is an accessible space that’s worth adding into any small kitchen.

A rolling cabinet is one of the kitchen features that gives you more organisational space and an extra counter.

26. Kitchen Mail Station – The number one clutter culprit on kitchen counters is paperwork. Piles of mail, catalogs, bills to pay, flyers, coupons, and permission slips pile up quickly. This addition creates a mini home-office space to keep things organized where it is needed most.

A mail station will give you space for your computer.

27. Built-in Pet Bowls – If you have pets, this is a must-have kitchen feature. Built-in pet bowls eliminate tripping over the water bowl, accidentally dumping out pet food all over the floor, and using up valuable floor space.

Built-in pet bowls are excellent for keeping your pet's things in one place.

28. Dish Drawer – Dishes aren’t just made for cabinets. Drawers can provide an amazing solution for dish storage. An ultra-sturdy and deep drawer includes adjustable pegs that allow you to customize the drawer for your dishware.

A dish drawer is one of the mandatory kitchen features.

29. Pull-Out Knife Organizer – This is an ingenious combination of a knife drawer and the utensil drawer. One pull-out that provides a space for both your knives and your most used kitchen utensils is a must-have for any kitchen cook.

A pull-out knife organizer is a great way to store all your knives in one place.

30. Pot Filler – This convenient feature allows you to fill pots with water right at your stove. No longer will you have to lift heavy water-filled pots out of the sink.

Pot fillers are convenient kitchen features that allow you to fill pots with water right at your stove.

31. Hood – This often overlooked feature adds both style and function to your kitchen. A hood comes with and without ductwork. It helps improve the air by reducing the smoke, steam, and odors that are produced when cooking.

A hood will help your reduce smell and smoke in your kitchen.

A disorganized kitchen can be a daily nightmare.

Your kitchen features should include more than shiny countertops and new light fixtures.

It should also be about creating a space that is more efficient. Take an inventory of what you store in your kitchen, eliminate the unnecessary, and create intentional storage solutions to find a space for everything on your inventory.

From drawer inserts, to open shelves, and roll-out trays, our team designers combine the best in innovation and organization to provide the functional workspace of your dreams.