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Kitchen Remodel Checklist: 20 Decisions You’ll Need to Make

Any major remodel can be a nightmare of never-ending decisions. By using this kitchen remodel checklist, you will help keep your priorities aligned, your decisions simple, and your stress levels to a minimum. We recommend taking your time and working through this checklist carefully. Doing so will help you create an overall vision of your kitchen and help you finish your Louisville kitchen remodel in a timely fashion. The Big Three The three components that make up most of your budget and the overall look of your kitchen are cabinets, countertops, and flooring. These [...]

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How to Use Kitchen Lighting to Perfectly Illuminate Your Kitchen

No one wants to cook in the dark or wield sharp knives in a dimly lit space. Finding the right kitchen lighting is about having enough light to perform daily functions, but also illuminating your space in a beautiful way. Gone are the days when one giant fluorescent light in the middle of your kitchen will do the trick. In today’s kitchens, lighting is softer, more intentional, and much prettier. When you invest in a kitchen remodel, carefully planned lighting allows you to use your space better with just the flick of a switch. [...]

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19 Kitchen Styles: Most Popular Designs for the 21st Century Home

Kitchens are utilitarian, functional, and deeply personal. The style of your kitchen is often the focal point to showcase the style of your entire home. The kitchen is about more than food, it’s about your lifestyle. These most popular and sought-after kitchen styles define the look and feel of beautiful 21st century homes. 1. Traditional Kitchens are all about practical and functional details. This overall aesthetic is classic and timeless with a clean, comforting, and inviting feel. Cabinets may have raised panel doors with unique details. Crown molding and toe kicks give a complete [...]

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7 Popular Kitchen Layouts: How To Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen

There is no such thing as the “best kitchen layout.” A kitchen should be functional and beautiful with features and finishes that fit the unique needs of those who use it every day. Understanding different kitchen layouts can help you better understand which one will work best for how you and your family use your kitchen. First Things First: The Kitchen Work Triangle The kitchen work triangle is a design concept that dates back almost 100 years. It creates a clear path between the most commonly used areas to increase efficiency in your space. [...]

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31 Must-Have Kitchen Features to Simplify Your Life

A beautiful luxury kitchen can be completely ruined if your countertops end up covered with piles of clutter or unsightly kitchen accessories. These smart and easy kitchen organization ideas help you make the most of your space. Even in a small kitchen, you can have plenty of space for everything you need when you use your space intentionally. Discover the best in clever kitchen storage features to organize each cabinet and keep those countertops decluttered once and for all. 1. Pot Rack - Pots and pans can be difficult to store in a drawer and [...]

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