Whether you’re looking for a place to eat, shop, or drink, you’ll find plenty to do in Butchertown, Kentucky. This renaissance neighborhood once served as a meat slaughterhouse in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but today boasts destination spots, modern shops, and restaurants. And while you’re there, don’t miss a trip to the Thomas Edison House, a 19th-century building now housing restaurants, craft beer pubs, and cocktail bars. Many of these picturesque spots can serve as inspiration for your Butchertown, KY home remodeling.

Things to do in Butchertown, KY

Butchertown is a renaissance neighborhood

In 1866, Butchertown, KY, was a meatpacking district that now sees an economic renaissance. Today, restored 19th-century buildings are home to artisan shops, modern eateries, and entertainment destinations. Prospective home buyers should take advantage of the housing stock, which is largely comprised of older homes. However, the neighborhood’s history is interesting as well.

It has modern shops, restaurants, and destination spots

In addition to the history of butchering, Butchertown has plenty of modern shops, restaurants, and destination spots. The original meatpacking district is now undergoing a renaissance, complete with chic shops, a brandy distillery, and dining options. Check out Cultured Cheese & Charcuterie for small plates and a full bar. You can also find newer eateries, including Sergio’s World of Beers.

It was a slaughterhouse in the 19th and early 20th century

A slaughterhouse, a place where animals were processed into meat, is now a tourist attraction in Smithfield. Built in 1855, Smithfield Market is located on the site of a former slaughterhouse. The modern version features an overhead rail system and compartmentalized workstations. Workers slit the throat of an animal, tear the hide, and split up the carcass. The carcass is then hoisted into a rail car and shipped to the meat market or other consumers. The entire process of processing an animal takes no more than 24 hours.

It has a National Historic Landmark

Butchertown was once the farming region of Colonel Frederick Geiger, a War of 1812 veteran and prominent member of the Louisville community. Today, a portion of Geiger’s former country home is visible as part of a large house on Linden Hill, near the intersection of Story Avenue and North Street. Historically, the town was a hub of agriculture with many cattle and hogs being driven into Louisville for sale in the South and transportation to the Cotton States.

It has a hands-on science museum

Butchertown, KY has several entertainment event options for the whole family. The Whitehall Mansion was built in the late 1700s, with Georgian and Italianate architectural styles. There are period pieces such as the ice house and stone kitchen, and the gardens are legendary. The nearby Kentucky Science Center is one of the largest hands-on science museums in the country. Its hands-on exhibits include the Science In Play exhibit and the Discovery Gallery. The Discovery Gallery highlights the natural history of the region. The museum also features Hollywood movies and documentaries.

It has a bakery

Butchertown, Kentucky, has a new bakery. Located at 743 E. Main St., this bakery is modeled after the historic Butchertown Grocery. The store features open shelving and tile floors, as well as a modern, clean design. The bakery has been open for just over two months but already boasts a loyal following. The breads are delicious and well worth the visit.

It has a distillery

Butchertown KY has a distillery, in a quaint town just outside the city. The industrial-chic craft distillery features a tasting room and tour. Visitors can also buy bourbon, whiskey, and other spirits. Among the many things to do in Butchertown, visit the distillery and sample the resulting goods. We’ll talk about some of the most popular spirits from Butchertown.

It has a park

Butchertown is an eclectic neighborhood located just east of the Downtown area of Louisville, Kentucky. It borders the Ohio River on the north and Interstate 65 on the west. Main Street and Beargrass Creek run through the area, creating a unique mix of working-class communities. Butchertown features many unique attractions, including the Butchertown Art Fair in the spring and the Butcher in the spring, and the Butchertown Home Tour in the fall. There is plenty to do in Butchertown, whether you enjoy a picnic or shopping with your family.