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In this day and age, style is the name of the game. No matter your taste, Norsemen strives to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

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At Norsemen, our expert craftsmen will transform your space into a work of art. We find a balance between beauty and function. Our attention to detail and dedication to client satisfaction is paramount.

Quality Materials

When we say we use the highest quality, we mean it. From cabinets to countertops, we ensure durability, style, and utility in every material.

“The team from start to finish were amazing to work alongside. They talked me through the process and worked with my financial situation. Our kitchen is now my favorite room in our house!

– Melody Miller, Louisville, KY

Countertops are one of the most expensive parts of a kitchen remodel in Louisville, KY.Countertops are a main, essential part of your overall kitchen or bathroom design.

They are for prepping, holding, slicing, dicing, mixing, sitting, serving, and everyday eating.

Because you will be using your countertops every day for many years, it’s important to choose wisely.

As one of the most used parts of your kitchen and bath, countertops are also one of the most expensive elements of the room. This is an investment that needs to look beautiful and work perfectly.

That’s where we come in.

At Norsemen in Louisville, KY we help our clients choose beautiful countertops to deliver something that you love, as well as something that will hold up well to your lifestyle for years to come.

Types of Countertops

The first step in choosing your countertops is deciding what material type works best for your home.

At Norsemen in Louisville, KY we offer multiple types:

  • Granite: The golden standard in quality countertops for over 30 years in Louisville, KY has been granite. It is more porous than some other materials, so maintenance is a bit higher, but it’s basically impenetrable. It’s heat and scratch resistant and comes in a beautiful array of colors and patterns.
  • Quartz: Quartz has been recently surging in popularity in Louisville, KY mostly because of the strength, durability, resistance to heat and stains, and antibacterial surface. It can cost more than granite but is often comparable. Maintenance is little to nothing because quartz is not porous. There is almost no downside to quartz if you can fit it in the budget.
  • Marble: This is often seen as a luxury option in Louisville, KY, but we recommend it only for bathrooms. Marble is actually one of the more affordable options but is only semi-resistant to stains and heat. It is also a fairly soft material so it can be easily damaged or scratched.
  • Laminate: This is the most budget-friendly countertop option. However, laminate is not stain or heat-resistant so you have to be careful as you use it. It holds up well to daily use, scratches, and comes in almost any color under the sun.
  • Wood: This can be a wood slab or a pieced-together wood countertop. It can be stained to match your kitchen style and requires several coats of Epoxy to maintain and seal the natural look. The end result is always beautiful but may require more maintenance than other materials.
  • Butcher Block: A beautiful butcher block counter creates a warm, cozy, farmhouse look and is popular in Louisville, KY. It can be very budget-friendly, or super pricey depending on the type of wood and grain that you choose.
  • Others: Please note we do not offer concrete, Corian, or slate countertops in Louisville, KY.

Types of Countertop Edges

Once you have determined the type of countertop material, you can customize it by choosing a unique edge design.

You can select from numerous countertop edge designs but some of the most popular ones include:

After picking out the material of your countertops, choose a unique edge design to give your Louisville, KY home a custom look.

  • Bullnose: This is a countertop that is rounded along both its top and bottom edges. It looks like the letter “U” lying on its side. This shape gives countertops a narrow appearance and is ideal for safety because it has no sharp corners or edges. Bullnose can be tricky to keep clean because spills tend to follow the curve all the way around the edge.
  • Half Bullnose: This style is considered a standard cut for countertops. It is round on the top and flat on the bottom. This makes spills less likely to travel all the way around to the bottom of the counter and still gives you the safety of a rounded top edge.
  • Demi Bullnose: For this style the top is curved and the bottom is flat. The difference between a demi and a half bullnose is subtle but significant. The biggest difference is that the curve on a demi bullnose is much more gradual.
  • Beveled: Beveled edges are all about the angles. This edge style features two 45-degree bends and works great for an eye-catching modern detail.
  • Quarter Round: This combines a beveled edge and a bullnose. The top edge of the granite or quartz has a slight radio and is then curved around the corner. It gives a nice sleek look and still a very traditional design.
  • Flat Polish: A flat polish is a completely flat, blunt end, with edge detail. This is often used in more contemporary designs using laminate materials.

Of course, there are more we could add to this list. In reality, you could have your countertops edged any way you’d like. The different types of countertop edges in Louisville, KY vary in price depending on how much exposed edge there is and the material.

Countertop Installation

If you’re feeling overwhelmed between countertop materials, edging, colors, and styles, we are here to help.

When you choose Norsemen in Louisville, KY to install your new countertops, you not only get an experienced installer but also a preferred designer. We can take your style preferences, functionality needs, and budget and install beautiful kitchen or bathroom countertops that not only will you love but add value to your home.

Regardless if you are needing kitchen countertops as part of a kitchen remodel or you are just sick of looking at the same one, we use the same proven process.

Style Consultation: Each project starts with a style consultation. In this meeting, we will discuss preferences, styles, and budget. We will cover all the details including materials, finishes, edges, ordering, and installation.

Bid Offer: Once the style consultation is completed, we will calculate the price and timeline. From this information, we submit to you a formal bid offer to begin the work.

Work Begins: After bid approval, the work can begin and soon after you will have beautiful countertops you will want to show off.

Countertop FAQs

First, wipe the counter surface with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. You can also use a 50:50 solution of isopropyl alcohol and water. Don’t use vinegar, Windex, or bleach on granite. Frequent uses of these acidic substances will dull the granite and weaken the sealant.

Quartz can be a delicate material, so we recommend using a hot pad or trivet under any hot pan to protect the surface of your countertop.

Pits are tiny, natural craters or crevices that are present in nearly all granite slabs. It is normal for pits to be present and they do not pose maintenance or durability issues.

Marble is a porous material that air and liquids can be absorbed into so yes, it should be sealed. Typically, you can seal marble yourself about once a year or so. It’s a fairly simple process of spraying on the sealing agent and then using a soft cloth to rub it in.

Marble has a high heat tolerance, but we do not recommend putting extremely hot items directly on the stone. It could cause a thermal shock that will crack the marble or a minor burn mark on the stone. We recommend that you let items cool down or use trivets and coasters to be safe.

The MVP of Your Kitchen

Countertops don't have to be a stressor with installation and design by Norseman of Louisville, KY.

Countertops play a demanding role in your kitchen and bathroom. It’s expected to be durable (stain-proof, scratch-proof, and heat-proof), beautiful, and (best-case scenario) economical. It’s no wonder choosing a countertop material is a daunting decision.

Norsemen in Louisville, KY can help you navigate the field of countertops to get you exactly what you need.

If natural stone is your preference, we can help with quartz, marble, or granite.

If you’d like a wood look, we can work with wood slabs or butcher blocks.

If you need a more budget-friendly option, today’s laminate can make a beautiful option.

We walk you through every step of the process from design to installation in Louisville, KY to give your kitchen or bathroom the look, feel, and functionality that you want.

Give us a call today and transform your space with brand-new countertops.

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