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At Norsemen, our expert craftsmen will transform your space into a work of art. We find a balance between beauty and function. Our attention to detail and dedication to client satisfaction is paramount.

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The Norsemen 5-Year Warranty

At Norsemen, we’re so confident about our workmanship that we proudly offer a 5-year warranty on all of our work. That means real peace of mind long after we’ve completed your home remodeling project.

“We could not be happier with our kitchen cabinet refacing. Benjamin and the entire team are fantastic to work with. We found that the cost of a reface with Norsemen was half of the quote from Lowes and took 3 weeks vs. the 3 months we were quoted from others. We were impressed by the craftsmanship of the work and the cleanliness of the work space each day. Better yet, we were able to still use our kitchen during most of the project. I cannot recommend Norsemen enough to anyone looking to update their kitchen cabinets.“

– Matt Perkins, Louisville, KY

The goal of cabinet refacing is to completely change the look of your cabinets without the cost of buying new ones.

This is the perfect solution for cabinets that are in perfect condition but need a new look.

This easy home renovation project can create a better result than painting your cabinets, which can create a tacky surface for dust and dirt to stick to. Refacing gives you the clean and fresh finish you’re looking for without the stress of a complete remodel.

This is what cabinets look like before cabinet refacing in Louisville, KY.

This is the completed cabinet refacing job from Norsemen in Louisville, KY.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet Refacing is a replacement of existing doors and drawer faces while still keeping your existing cabinets boxes.

We prep the work area, sand, prime and spray a top coat of selected color to the cabinet box to match the new doors.

Refacing also allows you to swap out cabinets for design purposes or for damage.

No matter the goal, we’re able to complete the job seamlessly.

How We Reface Cabinets

The process of cabinet refacing is actually pretty simple in comparison to other types of remodeling projects.

The whole process can be completed in a much shorter time frame than a typical full remodel.

Step 1: Remove doors and drawersHere is the process of cabinet refacing from Norsemen in Louisville, KY.

The first step is to remove existing doors and drawers to get your kitchen prepared for refacing.

For most projects, Norsemen leaves the drawer boxes as they are. This is just another way we save you money during the remodel process.

Step 2: Prepping the Area

We prep the work area by applying floor and countertop protection. Then, we set up a plastic wall around the perimeter of the work area to keep dust and paint particles within the workspace as best as possible.

We then tape off and paper the openings of the cabinets, as well as the walls on the sides of the cabinets.

Step 3: Sand Cabinets and Clean Cabinets

Once the cabinets are prepped, we sand all cabinet face frames, side panels, and trim. Once everything is sanded we vacuum and clean the areas sanded.

Step 4: Spray Base & Top Coat

Once everything is sanded, vacuumed, and cleaned we then spray on base coat and waterborne top coat.

We use an HVLP system, which is a high-volume, low-pressure spray system. This means the smoothest finish possible; no brush strokes!

Step 5:  Install New Doors

The last step is to install new doors and drawers to perfectly match your freshly refaced cabinets.

New hardware and hinges complete your kitchen transformation!

If you’d like, you can also add accessories such as crown molding, glass panels, lighting, or storage accessories.

Step 6: Final Clean

Final clean-up! We have a professional cleaning crew to do a deep clean of the work area; so fresh, so clean!

Popular Cabinet Styles for Bathrooms and Kitchens

At Norsemen, we have a wide array of cabinet colors and door designs.

Below is just a sample of the options available to you when you reface your cabinets.





Monarch Square


Regent Blue


Metro Grey

Cadet Grey

Designer White

Arctic White

Benefits of Refacing Your Cabinets

Any time you are weighing your options for your kitchen remodel in Louisville, KY, it’s important to know the benefits, as well as a few things to be aware of before you start.

  • You Keep Your Kitchen Layout: It’s important to realize that when you reface cabinets, you’re keeping your same cabinet size, shape, and layout. This is great news if your current kitchen cabinets meet your needs. However, if your kitchen needs a major change, this is not the option for you.
  • You have limitless style options: If you’re looking for a specific look, refacing your cabinets is a great way to achieve it. There are a large selection of shades of color and door styles.
  • You will save money: Refacing usually gives you the look of new cabinets for about half the cost of new custom cabinets. This is because you’re not paying for all new materials and the labor is significantly cheaper.
  • You’re Eco-Friendly: Many cabinet boxes in Louisville, KY are made of MDF, which contains formaldehyde, a hazardous chemical. Refacing your existing cabinets keeps this MDF out of the landfill and also prevents more trees from being cut down to construct new cabinet boxes.
  • It is fast: A full kitchen remodel in Louisville, KY can take 6-8 weeks. Refacing your cabinets can be done in 2-3 weeks. This means you don’t have to live without a kitchen for longer than absolutely necessary.

Things To Know Before Refacing

Here are the situations in which cabinet refacing in Louisville, KY is not an option.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you start your cabinet refacing project in Louisville, KY.

The most important is that cabinet refacing is an acquired skill that should be tackled by a professional.

Here are a few additional things to keep in mind when considering refacing:

  • Dingy interiors may need to be painted.
  • Cabinets with water damage, warping, or broken frames are poor candidates for refacing and may need replacing.
  • Costs can add up. Although it is still less expensive than all new cabinets, you must consider the cost of new doors, drawers, fronts, hinges and hardware, and interior storage accessories.
  • If you have cabinetry made of particleboard, it may require fasteners, in addition to adhesives, to ensure that the structure of the cabinet is secure.

How Much Does Refacing Cost?

Evaluating costs is important before you decide to replace or reface your cabinets.

Let’s look at an example of a typical 10-foot-by-12-foot kitchen in Louisville, KY.

Cabinet Refacing$5,000-$9,000
New Stock Cabinets$7,500-$10,500
New Semi-Custom Cabinets$8,000-$12,000
New Fully Custom Cabinets$16,000-$40,000

FAQs About Refacing Your Cabinets

You don’t have to worry about your refaced cabinets showing wear or tear. If they are done right, you can enjoy them for years to come.

No, refacing and refinishing are completely different processes.

With refacing, the doors and drawer fronts are completely replaced and the cabinet boxes are painted to match.

Refinishing requires sanding the existing cabinet doors & drawers, painting or staining, and then reinstalling all the original components.

Absolutely! Cabinet refacing is a very green kitchen remodeling solution because it reduces the typical waste that comes with a renovation waste by restoring your original kitchen cabinets.

Yes, and also no. During cabinet refacing, the area will be taped off and plastic will be hung, however you’ll retain access to certain areas. It’s best to plan to eat out for a few days.

You do need to empty the cabinets before the process, but it’s much faster than a kitchen remodel in Louisville, KY.

Ready, Set, Reface!

If you’re like many homeowners in Louisville, KY you like the layout of your kitchen, but you’re ready for a new look.

Cabinet refacing is an option for any cabinets that are structurally sound and in good condition. This option lets you keep your existing kitchen intact while completely transforming its appearance.

Our expert designers and installers perform precise measurements to ensure your new refaced cabinets and boxes are seamless and color-matched to perfection with your new doors and drawer fronts.

If you think refacing might be a good option for your home, contact us today!

Have your cabinets seen better days?

Trust our professional craftsmen to reface them for like-new cabinets at a fraction of the cost.