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The Norsemen 5-Year Warranty

At Norsemen, we’re so confident about our workmanship that we proudly offer a 5-year warranty on all of our work. That means real peace of mind long after we’ve completed your home remodeling project.

“My husband and I had been wanting to take on a home remodeling project for awhile now but it is such a daunting task. We were impressed by their knowledge from the beginning and it allowed us to feel more at ease during the process. Now our outdated and dysfunctional bathroom is brand new and just how we envisioned. We will definitely be using them for our next home remodeling project“

– Sam Covington, Louisville, KY

Your unfinished basement might be one of the most prime pieces of real estate in your home.

With a little ingenuity, that storage space could be transformed into an extra bedroom (or two), space for the in-laws, playroom for the kids, or a second living space.

Sometimes referred to as “finishing the basement” – basement remodeling is slightly more involved.

Refinishing a basement simply finishes the space without altering the layout or structure.

A remodel from Norseman in Louisville completely redesigns your space.

5 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Basement

1. Evident damage

Damage in the basement can come in many forms. Some of the most common signs that show damage in the basement are a distorted wall foundation, cracked floor, leaks, pest damage, and the appearance of mold. Basement damage needs to be addressed before it causes a bigger and more serious issue, so once you notice any of these signs you should consider basement remodeling.

2. The basement is made of harmful and outdated materials

Basements in older houses are usually made of materials that are no longer used today and can be harmful to your health. Any materials containing harmful chemicals, like asbestos and lead need to be replaced as soon as possible. This is crucial to protecting your family from exposure to toxic chemicals, and improving the functionality and the efficiency of your basement.

3. Spread of musty smell

Since basements are built underground, they are prone to moisture and humidity. Over time, a musty smell can overtake the whole basement, and start spreading across the house. The musty smell is a sign of potential mold growth. Even if you do not see any signs of mold in any part of the basement, if you notice a musty smell you should consider remodeling in order to avoid a more serious mold issue.

4. You need extra space 

This is perhaps the most common reason for a basement remodel. The underground square footage is huge potential for many homeowners. The longer you are in your house, the more space you may need as your family grows. A guest bedroom or extra play space will always come in-handy. Most basements can be renovated into a whole new room (or two or three). This is a great way to make your current home more comfortable for the whole family.

5. You want to increase the value of your house 

If you intend to move and sell your house, a basement remodel is one way to increase the value of your home. An otherwise empty basement that is turned into a playroom, office, or living room can really attract potential buyers.

Basement Remodel Services

A basement remodel can be as simple as painting and furnishing your space, or it may turn your home into a construction site.

When you decide to renovate your basement you can consider the following basement remodeling services:

  • Architectural designs and permits – The renovation of a basement requires specific permits without which you cannot begin the process. Moreover, architectural designs will make a perfect plan for creating a functional finished basement.
  • Wall Installation – If you have an open basement with nothing but open concrete, you’re going to need to start by adding walls. This will allow you to regulate the temperature in your basement, waterproof the space, and enhance energy efficiency in the entire house.
  • Floor Renovation – Once you have walls installed, you may require some changes to the flooring. Installing multiple floor layers in your basement will help you stay protected from moisture. Polystyrene materials as well as ceramic, porcelain, and concrete tiles are great choices for floor remodeling in your basement.
  • Ceiling Renovation – If you can currently see pipes and ductwork in your basement,  a remodel of your ceiling can hide all of those unsightly necessities. This step really makes your basement space feel more like the rest of your home.
  • Plumbing and electrical systems – Lights, ceiling fans, bathroom fixtures, and other electrical and plumbing features make your basement fully functional.
  • Decorating – With the basics covered, you can add the finishing touches to your basement like painting, furnishing, and more. This is where you can add your own style and personality.

With the basics covered, you can add the finishing touches to your basement like painting, furnishing, and more. This is where basement remodeling allows you to add your own style and personality.

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional to Remodel Your Basement

Many homeowners are tempted to forgo hiring a professional and DIY a basement remodel.

In an effort to save money, most will regret this choice and often hire a remodeling contractor in Louisville, KY anyway.

These are the top five reasons you should hire a professional to remodel your basement.

1. Address code requirements

Basement remodeling requires specific codes that need to be met. Failing to follow building codes can obstruct your remodeling process, causing health and safety issues.

If you are doing the renovation on your own, you can easily end up violating these codes, which can result in costly penalties and may require you to undo/redo the work you’ve already done.

Norsemen has experience in this type of work, so we can ensure everything is done right the first time and provide easy and smooth renovation of your basement.

2. Completion of the project in a timely manner 

Basement remodeling is not a small job.

If you decide to do this on your own, you should plan to clear your schedule for the next several months.

Attempting to finish the project during late nights or weekends will only make the project last much longer than anticipated. Our remodelers create a timeline before starting the project and provide you with the exact time frame of all of the tasks.

With a full team of contractors, we have easy access to materials, expertise, and equipment necessary. Therefore, we can assure you to finish the project in the previously established time.

3. Experienced in all types of basement remodels 

Do you dream of creating a basement kitchen? Theater room? Or maybe an income rental?

Norsemen’s basement remodeling experts have experience in all kinds of basement remodels. If you’re wondering what potential your home holds, we can help you to expand your vision and turn your basement into something truly remarkable.

4. Cost-efficient renovation

Most homeowners will DIY their basement in an effort to save money. However, opting for a professional basement renovation can help you save money in surprising ways.

First, professional contractors have all the necessary tools to work on this kind of project. You won’t have to purchase a tile saw you’ll never use again or a paint sprayer that takes up space in your garage.

In addition, contractors receive special pricing on materials and can pass those discounts on to you.

5. Warranty 

Basement remodeling can often lead to unexpected problems, and if you are doing it on your own, you will end up paying for any damage caused in the process.

With Norsemen, you have the peace of mind knowing you won’t be held liable for any unplanned issues and all of our work is under warranty.

6. Digital Rendering Service 

Norsemen in Louisville uses advanced digital rendering technology so you can see what your finished basement will look like before the work even begins.

FAQs About Basement Remodeling

Winter is considered the best time for inside renovations because contractors tend to be less busy. Winter also provides you the ability to actually see what features are needed to keep your basement warm and dry.

Absolutely! Many people question the worth of basement remodeling, but its benefits are quite obvious. A basement remodel pays for itself both functionally and financially. First, you get extra space in your house. Second, a basement remodel increases the value of your home, and the return is approximately 70%.

The first step before you start the basement renovation is to give us a call! We will discuss plans and start the process to obtain a permit from your local government. Once we finalize plans and select your materials, our crew can get started creating the space of your dreams!

Give Your Basement a New Look

Your basement doesn’t have to be underused or unattended. If you’re ready to make the most of the space you have, give us a call today.

If you are having a difficult time determining how you could prioritize a basement remodeling project or financing options, we can help with that too.

Give us a call today and one of our experienced remodelers in Louisville, KY can help walk you through the entire process.

We are ready to get to work creating the space of your dreams!

Making Dream Basements Come to Life

Trust our professional craftsmen to make your next basement renovation beautifully stress-free.