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“The team from start to finish were amazing to work alongside. They talked me through the process and worked with my financial situation. Our kitchen is now my favorite room in our house!

- Melody Miller, Charlestown, IN

Couldn’t recommend them more enthusiastically. They were knowledgeable, responsive, creative, and got our job done right on budget and on time. The result is beautiful and has exceeded our expectations.”

- Maggie Woerner, Charlestown, IN

“Professional, knowledgeable, and dependable. They were consistent in their communication and provided us with a project calendar (we’ve never had that happen with a contractor). Very happy!

- Nicole M, Charlestown, IN


If you dread going into your kitchen or bathroom, then there is no better time for a remodel than now!

With our stress-free process and professional craftsmanship, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start your home remodeling project sooner.


Seamless Project Management

From start to finish, our remodeling contractors are there to guide you every step of the way. Our focus on communication combined with our team’s expertise, we deliver the highest quality remodel for 100% client satisfaction – with zero stress.

Norsemen is a remodeling contractor located in Louisville, KY.

Why Choose Norsemen?

Got House Envy Yet?

In need of some inspiration? View the gallery of our previous home remodeling projects. From kitchen to bathroom renovations, Norsemen can create the space you’ve been dreaming about!

Bathroom Remodeler Louisville KY - beforeBathroom Remodeling Louisville KY - after

Norsemen has a proven stress-free home remodeling processAre you ready to breathe new life into your space? We can help you do exactly that. If you have a kitchen that needs more storage space, outdated cabinetry that’s showing its age, or a bathroom layout that is cramping your style, it’s time for a home remodel.

For some, the mere mention of a home remodel raises their blood pressure. For us, it’s our passion. We want to bring you and your family the space you dream of, without packing a single box. Keep your home and get the space you need at the same time with home remodeling from Norsemen in Charlestown, IN.

How To Prepare For a Remodel

Before work begins, your construction and designer team from Norsemen in Charlestown, IN will brief you on each step of the process, prospective timelines, and continue communication with you throughout the remodel. There are some things you can do to make the home remodeling process even easier on you and your family.

Prepare the workspace for deconstruction: This means remove valuables and furniture from the space completely. Remove pictures from adjacent walls so that they won’t be damaged. We also recommend covering adjacent room items with drop cloths and changing the air filters at the start and end of the project to take care of any lingering dust.

Create a temporary kitchen: If you are remodeling your kitchen, you’ll need to create a temporary kitchen somewhere else in the house. Choose somewhere with a water source like a laundry room or bathroom for washing dishes. Set up the basics like a microwave and coffee maker. Plan to use the grill as much as possible and stock up on paper plates and plastic silverware to make it easy on you. This is also a great time to try that new takeout place you’ve been wanting to check out!

If remodeling a bathroom: Prepare everyone to use another bathroom or make other arrangements while your bathroom is out of commission.

Support Your installers: One of the best ways you can support the installers in Charlestown, IN is by identifying and keeping parking locations clear wherever possible. It’s also helpful to designate a bathroom that workers can use if necessary or designating a small spot in the garage for them to keep their tools.

Get ready for delivery: Designate a storage area for your new cabinets, finishes, appliances, etc. This is helpful if they arrive before the space is ready for installation. Staying organized can be crucial to job completion success.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Part of Norsemen's home remodeling services include bathroom and kitchen remodelingA well-designed kitchen is key to any home in Charlestown, IN. This is why kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular home renovations today. It completely transforms the most used room in your home, and adds significant resale value to your home.

Old appliances, minimal counter space, lack of storage, layout problems, flooring and plumbing are just a few of the most common reasons we see for a kitchen remodel. While some small areas of a renovation may be DIY friendly, it is almost always best to hire a professional kitchen remodeling contractor in Charlestown, IN because a full kitchen renovation is such a big undertaking.

Most kitchens will take between 6-8 weeks, depending on the type of cabinetry , which requires the longest lead time. Whether you just want a backsplash upgrade or a whole new space, we can’t wait to make your kitchen dreams a reality.

Bathroom Remodeling

If you’ve been thinking about creating your own spa-like bathroom retreat, we’ve got you covered. Perhaps you have outdated décor, a poor layout, changing needs, minimal space, or are planning to sell your home. If this sounds familiar, a bathroom renovation is a worthwhile investment.

Sometimes a bathroom redo is as simple as swapping fixtures. Other times it may be a complete gut job. No matter if the job is big or small, we make the process smooth and easy.

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, if a bathroom remodel is tackled properly, homeowners in Charlestown, IN will recoup approximately 50% of the cost put into the project. If your master bathroom is suffering and your en-suite needs a bathroom renovation we are ready to get to work making your luxurious bathroom a reality.

Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets

Norsemen offers stock and custom cabinets as part of their home remodeling servicesCreating the perfect cabinets for your home involves a number of factors. It starts with choosing the type, size, style, materials and construction method for your new cabinets. We can help you with stock cabinets, semi-custom, or fully customizable cabinet options in the most popular styles.

From a modern slab cabinet to a rustic or farmhouse trend, we can help with any shape, style or color of cabinet. Our cabinets are completely customizable to give you the look and the storage options you need. Whatever your budget, we are here with all the must-know information on kitchen cabinets in Charlestown, IN to help you ensure you get kitchen and bathroom cabinets that fit your stuff and suit your style.

Cabinet Refacing

To change the look of your cabinets, Norsemen offers cabinet refacingIf you like the layout of your kitchen, but you’re ready for a new look. Refacing is a good option for any cabinets that are structurally sound and in solid condition. Instead of purchasing all new cabinetry, we replace the doors and drawer fronts and then apply a new matching veneer finish over the existing cabinet frame. Hinges, handles, and drawer pulls are usually also replaced during refacing to complete the whole new look.

Refacing allows you to get a whole new look for a lot lower price tag. Because you’re using your existing cabinets, it’s more environmentally friendly and a faster process time as well. Refacing your cabinets is usually half the cost of new cabinetry and can often be completed in less than one week.


Kitchen countertops play a demanding role. They must be durable, beautiful, and economical. Because countertops are often the largest kitchen investment, choosing the best ones is an important decision. At Norsemen in Charlestown, IN we help our clients choose beautiful countertops that fit their home and their budget. We offer granite, quartz, marble, wood, and laminate options to fit your style preferences. With us, you not only get an experienced installer, but also a preferred designer to install beautiful kitchen or bathroom countertops. Getting what you love and adding value to your home is what Norsemen is all about.

Process of Remodeling Your Home

Your kitchen and bathrooms are vital to the comfort and function of your home. At Norsemen in Charlestown, IN, our focus is on you. We help make the process smooth and easy. We walk you through the entire process from concept to finished product, creating a stress-free environment for your kitchen and bathroom dreams to come true. . Our home remodeling process includes:

  1. Measuring: We start with dozens of exact measurements of your space so we know exactly what we’re working with.
  2. Design Layout: We start with a design to maximize cabinets, counters, and storage space. We rework and revise the design until you are completely satisfied with the space.
  3. Finish Selection: Your finishes should match your own personality and style. Our design team can help you match all the details to create a beautiful space.
  4. Budget Planning: We understand the expense of a remodel and are respectful of your budget. The price we quote will be the price you pay, unless agreed upon by the client or more renovations or changes are requested.
  5. Build & Installation: We take care of the hard work so all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful new space.

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Home Renovation FAQs

Absolutely nothing! We will come out to your space and give you an estimate free of charge.

Home remodeling is an investment in your space. No two jobs are the same, and there is not a one-size-fits-all price tag. The cost of your remodel will be determined by the scope of work, types of materials, finishes, and labor involved.

Ultimately, it is your decision, but we recommend spring or early summer. Doing this allows you to use your outdoor grill during kitchen remodeling, spend time outside while the house is under construction, and give you a beautiful new space ready for holiday gatherings later in the year.

We pride ourselves on making the process seamless and easy for the homeowner. No other team will give you the time and attention to every detail of your renovation. We don’t start until you’re happy with the design, and we don’t finish until you’re pleased with the results. Our installation and design teams will work with you to turn your dream kitchen or bathroom into a reality.

New Spaces with Norseman

For a professional home remodeling contractor, contact Norsemen todayNorseman in Charlestown, IN can help you navigate the field of home remodeling to take the stress out of renovations. We do our best to make it simple and easy so you can actually enjoy the process, stress-free.

During your renovation, all you have to worry about is taking before, during, and after pictures of your remodel to share with friends and family. Our team walks you through every step of the process from design to installation in Charlestown, IN to give your home the look, feel, and functionality that you want. Contact us today to start your home transformation with Norsemen.

Making Dream Spaces Come to Life

Trust our professional craftsmen to make your next home remodeling project beautifully stress-free.